Stage 2 of Community Service Activities in Tambaksawah Village, Sidoarjo

On Sunday (27/07/2023), the Bachelor of Statistics Program at Airlangga University once again conducted community service in Tambak Sawah Village, Sidoarjo Regency. This activity was conducted offline by directly visiting Tambak Sawah Village, Sidoarjo Regency. Participants included students and lecturers from the Statistics Program at Airlangga University.

The event began with singing the Indonesian national anthem, followed by speeches from the Head of Tambak Sawah Village, Mr. Imam Fauzi, S.T., and Mr. Drs. H. Sediono M.Si, as the Head of the Statistics Program. Mr. Drs. H. Sediono M.Si stated that this activity is interesting and hopes that through this community service activity, the goal of developing the local economy can be achieved. This could be done through job skills training, providing business capital, promoting local products, or mentoring in the development of micro and small businesses.

This activity also brought in speakers from the Sidoarjo District Industry and Trade Office and the Investment and Integrated One-Stop Service Office of Sidoarjo Regency regarding business legality. Business legality refers to all permits, documents, and legal requirements needed to operate a business legally and in accordance with applicable regulations. Business legality can vary depending on the country, type of business, and specific industry. Having business legality is crucial for all MSME actors because it provides legal protection. By knowing their rights and obligations, they can avoid legal disputes and understand how to protect themselves from potential legal risks, and customers tend to trust businesses that operate legally and comply with regulations. This can enhance the reputation of MSMEs and increase customer loyalty. By understanding business legality, MSME actors can access more business opportunities, such as government tenders, partnerships with large companies, or exporting products to international markets.

Through this activity, it is hoped that MSME product entrepreneurs in Tambak Sawah Village will enhance their knowledge and understanding of the importance of business legality because having business legality is a crucial step in running a sustainable and legally valid business. This involves a process that includes registration, tax compliance, permits, and compliance with applicable business regulations. Through business legality, MSME actors can reduce legal risks, build a strong foundation for business growth, and create a secure foundation for the business they are running.