Learning Outcome

In order to produce graduates with competencies as stated in the graduate profile, each graduate of Bachelor of Statistics is expected to have the following qualities: 


  • S1/ A1   : Working together and having social sensitivity and concern for society and the environment.
  • S2/ A2 : Demonstrate a responsible attitude towards work in the field of expertise independently.
  • S3/ A3 : Obey the regulations that apply.
  • S4/ A4: Discipline in following the teaching and learning process and academic activities.

General Skill

  • KU1/ GS1   : Able to apply statistical methods to real problems and be able to explain in a form that is easily understood both in writing and orally.
  • KU2/ GS2 : Able to carry out ethics in the application of statistics.
  • KU3/ GS3 : Compile a scientific description of the results of the above study in the form of a final project report or final course project.
  • KU4/ GS4: Able to document, store, secure, and retrieve data to ensure validity and prevent plagiarism.


  • P1/ K1   : Correctly explain statistical and mathematical theoretical concepts according to their definitions.
  • P2/ K2 : Describes several statistical methodologies (methods and modeling) to be used in solving problems in several fields, either with or without software
  • P3/ K3 : Create an algorithm for solving a problem correctly.
  • P4/ K4: Design the stages of data analysis correctly.
  • P5/ K5 :Designing a data analysis consulting business framework that fits the needs of society properly, based on religious morality.

Special Skill

  • KK1/ SS1   : Explain the basic concepts of statistical science and methods of statistical analysis that can be applied to various applied fields.
  • KK2/ SS2 : Operate at least two statistical software, including software based on open sources.
  • KK3/ SS3 : Appropriately apply appropriate statistical methods to specific problems in the life, economic and social fields.
  • KK4/ SS4: Collect data with the appropriate method correctly
  • KK5/ SS5 : Determine the appropriate statistical method according to the existing problems.