Study Program Identity

1 Nama Program Studi Bachelor of Statistics
2 Status Akreditasi beserta Badan Akreditasinya Excellent (Unggul)
Lamsama No 038/SK/LAMSAMA/Akred/S/V/2023
3 Tujuan

The Statistics study program’s objective is to have a certain quality in the learning process that produces the following outputs:

  1. Graduates who can morally master, apply, develop, and innovate in the discipline of statistical modeling, especially in the health, social and economic fields.
  2. Productive and quality research in statistical modeling, both at the national and international levels
  3. Community service by empowering the community to be able to solve problems independently..
4 Nama Gelar S. Stat. (Bachelor of Statistics)
5 Lama Studi 4 Year (8 Semesters)
6 Jumlah kredit yang lulusan 144-160 Credits
7 Persyaratan Calon Mahasiswa baru Have graduated from high school/equivalent and been declared to have passed the selection through SNBP, SNBT, and Mandiri.
8 Standar biaya e.g. per tahun/mahasiswa Single Tuition Fee (UKT) and Semester Tuition Fee (UKS)
9 Tanggal disahkan kurikulum baru June 15, 2021