Estimasi 2023 “The Art of Solitude: Trough The Silhoutte”

Most people think that solitude means loneliness, being forgotten, unseen. However, in Estimasi 2023, with the theme “The Art of Solitude: Through The Silhouette,” solitude is represented as a space to rediscover oneself and future goals. The event, held on Sunday, November 5, 2023, stemmed from the desire of the members of the Statistics Student Association (Himasta) of Universitas Airlangga to introduce the Statistics Program more widely to the public. Besides serving as a branding platform for Himasta, Estimasi also aims to provide insights to the community about the importance of statistics in everyday life. Therefore, the target audience for the Estimasi 2023 event is the general public, especially high school students and university students.

This year’s Estimasi event is quite special compared to previous years. For the first time, Estimasi was held offline, combining two types of events: an exhibition and a seminar. In line with the event’s overarching theme, before heading to the seminar venue, participants were presented with a romanticized view of the world of statistics packaged in the theme “The Exposition: How The Story Begins.” Like in a plot of a story, exposition is the process of introducing characters and their backgrounds. In this exhibition, participants were expected to get a glimpse of the broader picture of the world of statistics, which is not only filled with formulas, numbers, and software but also non-academic activities organized by Himasta. Additionally, there was a photobooth available to capture moments of Estimasi 2023 with a documentary design theme, symbolizing that “we today are an accumulation of our past stories.”

The main event of Estimasi 2023 is a seminar featuring speakers from various points of view regarding the world of statistics, including active students, professors, and alumni. In the seminar, there were three different sub-themes presented by each speaker. The speakers representing active students were Marcelena Vicky Galena (Statistics 2021) and Gaos Tipki Alpandi (Statistics 2020) with the sub-theme “The Prologue: Overcome Stumbling Blocks to Become A Statistician.” In this first sub-theme, participants were invited to explore the excitement and challenges during the transition from high school to college and tips and tricks to maximize potential during Statistics studies.

The second sub-theme, “The Turning Point: Exploring The Existence of Statistics,” was delivered by one of the Statistics undergraduate lecturers at UNAIR, Mrs. Dita Amelia, S.Si, M.Si. She extensively discussed the role of statistical science in various aspects of knowledge and introduced the Statistics undergraduate program at UNAIR. During this session, brochures of the program were handed over to representatives of various high schools present as a symbolic branding of the Statistics undergraduate program at UNAIR. The brochure handover was conducted directly under the leadership of the Advisor of Himasta UNAIR, Dr. M. Fariz Fadillah Mardianto, S.Si, M.Si.

As a complement to the seminar session, an alumni representative, Christopher Andreas, S.Stat., presented the third sub-theme titled “The Untold Series: Statistics as The Precious Time.” Kak CA, as he’s affectionately called, kicked off the presentation in a very engaging manner, inviting participants to find the shortest and best route. In his presentation, he explained that not everyone has to start from the same point or take the same route even if their destination is the same, which is success. Additionally, Kak CA shared many motivating experiences from his time in university to his professional life.

With the implementation of Estimasi 2023, Talitha Zuleika as the head organizer, expressed her hope that Estimasi could provide new insights to all participants attending the seminar and exhibition. Furthermore, her greatest hope is that Estimasi can further enhance the reputation of Statistics at Universitas Airlangga among the wider community. “I like the decoration at this event, especially the exhibition because there is a lot of information about statistics that can be read there. Also, although I often feel sleepy during lectures, honestly speaking, Estimasi managed to make me pay attention to the speakers. The refreshments and freebie stickers were also a plus point in my opinion,” said Astrid, one of the participants of Estimasi 2023 from SMA 5 Surabaya.

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