Research Funding in 2024

No Research Title Sources and Types of Funds Amount of Funds (in Million Rupiah)
1 CAPTAIN: Influential Stock Exchange Grouping and Prediction Application based on Non-Hierarchical Clustering and Nonparametric Time Series Approaches to Maintain Economic Stability and Sustainability in ASEAN Countries Airlangga Research Fund/ International Research Collaboration Top Over #500 42.72
2 Comparison Methods to Forecast PM2.5 in Jakarta using Classic, Machine Learning, Ensemble, and Hybrid Models Airlangga Research Fund/ Leading Basic Research (PDU) 42.57
3 Modeling the risk of diabetes and hypertension using a response ordinal logistic regression approach as an effort to prevent non-aging diseases Airlangga Research Fund/ Leading Basic Research (PDU) 48.50
4 Coronary Heart Disease Risk Prediction Using Statistical Modeling and Machine Learning Approaches for Early Diagnosis and Curative Actions Airlangga Research Fund/ Airlangga’s Leading Research  228.33