Research Funding in 2022

No Research Title Sources and Types of Funds Amount of Funds (in Million Rupiah)
1 Analysis of community perceptions based on surveys on social media as a recommendation for developing peduli lindungi applications Beginner Lecturer Research 25.00
2 “E-MARCENAS” application to predict national strategic commodity prices based on non-parametric time series analysis comparisons Beginner Lecturer Research 25.00
3 Pemodelan banyaknya kematian Covid-19 di Jawa Timur akibat penyakit penyerta dengan pendekatan regresi nonparametrik binomial negatif Penelitian Unggulan Fakultas 40.00
4 Model Geographically Weighted Polynomial Regression with Autocorrelated Error untuk data spasial time series dan aplikasinya pada angka kesembuhan covid-19 di Jawa Timur Faculty Leading Research 40.00
5 Modeling the number of Covid-19 deaths in East Java due to comorbidities using a negative binomial nonparametric regression approach Faculty Leading Research 40.00
6 Modeling the Increase Rate Case and Fatality Rate Case of Covid-19 in Indonesia using the Multipredictor Birespon Nonparametric Regression Model Approach Based on Local Linear Estimators on Longitudinal Data skim PDD 50.00
7 Semiparametric Regression Model on Time Series Data Based on Local Polynomial Estimator and Its Implementation for Inflation Prediction in Indonesia skim PDD 50.00