Community Service in 2023

No. Title of Community Service Activities Sources and Types of Funds
1 Improving Nutrition Education and Determining the Nutritional Status of Toddlers in the Context of Achieving Nutrition Aware Families by Utilizing Android and Web Based Information Technology in the Working Area of the Tampo Health Center, Cluring District, Banyuwangi Regency RKAT Faculty of Science and Technology
2 Optimizing MSMEs through Digital Marketing Potential Mapping and Business Licensing for MSME Products in the Tambaksawah Industrial Village to Increase National and Global Competitiveness. RKAT Faculty of Science and Technology
3 Information Technology and Data Literacy Based Development to Strengthen Grojokan Londo and the Potential of MSMEs in Kebonagung Village, Mejayan District, Madiun Regency as a Tourist Village RKAT Faculty of Science and Technology