Branding Socialization: Statistics UNAIR Paves the Way at SMA Negeri 1 Batu

Batu, 26th April 2024 – Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) attracted the attention of prospective students at SMA Negeri 1 Batu by successfully holding a promotional and outreach event about the Bachelor of Statistics Study Program. The event, which will be held on Friday, 26th April 2024, is expected to provide students with a deeper understanding of this promising study program.

The series of events began with a warm welcome from the Head of the Statistics Study Program, Mr. Sediono, who provided an overview of what this study program offers. The event then continued with a material delivery session entitled “Roadshow Introduction and Prospects of the UNAIR Undergraduate Statistics Study Program”. The material presented by two experienced lecturers, Mr Fariz and Mr Idrus, succeeded in attracting the students’ attention.

In their material, Mr. Fariz and Mr. Idrus not only introduced the statistics study program through their vision and mission, but also reviewed various interesting programs that can support education and develop soft skills and hard skills for prospective students. With an interactive and informative approach, students are invited to understand how important skills in statistics are in this digital era.

One of the peak moments of the event was the signing of a collaboration between SMA Negeri 1 Batu and the UNAIR Statistics Study Program. This collaboration is expected to strengthen relations between the two institutions and provide wider opportunities for high school students to continue their education at UNAIR, especially in the field of statistics.

The event closed with a prayer, marking the success of this promotion and outreach. Thus, it is hoped that this event will not only broaden prospective students’ insight into the statistics study program, but also inspire them to become part of the Airlangga Knights, especially as Data Knights for a more advanced Indonesia. Let’s continue learning and contributing to the field of statistics for SMA Negeri 1 Batu students.