Accreditation Field Assessment by LAMSAMA for the Statistics Bachelor's Program at Airlangga University

On Monday (22/05/2023) and Tuesday (23/05/2023), the Statistics Bachelor’s Program at Airlangga University conducted an offline Field Assessment for the Accreditation of the Statistics Bachelor’s Program at the Faculty of Science and Technology. The Field Assessment was attended by LAMSAMA Assessors, namely Prof. Roberd Saragih, M.T. from Bandung Institute of Technology and Prof. Budi Nurani Ruchjana from Padjajaran University, as well as university and faculty leaders. The purpose of this activity was to evaluate the quality and suitability of a study program at the university level. The accreditation process involved comprehensive assessment of various aspects of the study program, including curriculum, faculty, facilities, program management, student learning outcomes, and relationships with industry or society. The Field Assessment agenda lasted for two days. The first day’s agenda began with the opening of the assessment, introduction of the assessor panel, reading and signing of the Field Assessment Statement, followed by confirmation related to: institutional macro development policies, governance systems, management systems, reported institutional achievements, and plans for university/faculty development and resource management (human resources, finances, assets and facilities, and information systems). The first day’s agenda concluded with confirmation related to the involvement, expectations, satisfaction, and feedback from external stakeholders regarding the university’s outcomes. Regarding the involvement of external stakeholders, several alumni of the Statistics Bachelor’s Program who are already working or pursuing further studies attended this agenda.

The agenda for the second day of the Field Assessment began with confirmation of performance, involvement, service, satisfaction of faculty members, satisfaction of educational staff, and student satisfaction. Then, the second day’s agenda concluded with the presentation and signing of the Field Assessment minutes and the presentation of accreditation recommendations to the University/Faculty/Program. This accreditation activity plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality of higher education and enhancing the reputation of the university as well as public trust in the study program.