Fund Source of Community Outreach program 2010 2011 2012
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Self-funded by the lecturer Training of Multivariate Data Analysis for Mini Thesis, Thesis and Dissertation Data Processing with SPSS Software
UPBJJ-UT Surabaya Tutorial on Undergraduate Courses UT, UPBJJ-UT Surabaya
Involved University Increasing the Competence of High School Mathematics Teachers in Learning Management at SMAN 1 Tuban Statistical Training of Phase I Experimental Design with SPSS Software Utilisation of Blog as Collaboration Learning Media for Junior High School Mathematics Teachers in Surabaya
Training of Statistical Data Analysis with SPSS at SMAN 1 Gondang Wetan, Pasuruan Computer-Based Competency Test of Science for SBI Senior High School Students in East Java
Increasing the Competence of Elementary Teachers through Optimisation of Excel Program and Geometry Props at SDN Bungah Gresik
Training of Experimental Design to Improve the Quality of Student and Lecturer Research with SPSS
Ministry of National Education (MONE)
MONE (continued)
Non-MONE Domestic Institution
Foreign Institution

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