Community Outreach Program

TYear Title of Community Outreach Program Fund Source and Type
2010 Increasing the Competence of High School Mathematics Teachers in Learning Management at SMAN 1 Tuban DIPA Unair
Training of Statistical Data Analysis with SPSS at SMAN 1 Gondang Wetan, Pasuruan DIPA Unair
Increasing the Competence of Elementary Teachers through Optimisation of Excel Program and Geometry Props at SDN Bungah Gresik DIPA Unair
Training of Experimental Design for Researchers DIPA Unair
2011 Experimental Design Self-funded
Statistical Training of Experimental Design Phase I Self-funded
2012 Training on the Use of Statistical Methods to Enhance Teacher Research in SMA 2 Pare Kediri with SPSS software DIPA Unair
Training of Multivariate Data Analysis with SPSS Software Self-funded
Total 8

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